a.1.Approaching the nature of sand; loose; not compact.
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Tenders are invited for Sandish Cruzer Blade 32Gb Usb Pen Drive.
EX-PAT Annie Sandish makes her final journey and returns home this Friday.
Annie left on November 16, 1956, and set sail on the Britannic to marry her fiance, Ernest Sandish from Cleveland, Ohio.
Dale Sandish, owner and designer of the 2-year-old company Leatherline Home Design, for instance, is using colors such as ice blue, chestnut brown, ivory and red in combinations reminiscent of Puma sneakers.
Sandish goes back a little further than Gibbs in his design inspiration.
CUPPA BY THE CANAL: Reporter Sandish Shoker prepares for the Telegraph's Macmillan Coffee Morning at Coventry Canal basin tomorrow
Anyone who would like to get involved with our Canal Basin coffee morning can contact Sandish Shoker on 024 7650 0556.
Contact reporter Sandish Shoker on 02476 500 556 or email sandish.
If you are doing something weird or wacky at your Macmillan coffee morning, or if you would like to get involved with the Telegraph's event, contact Sandish Shoker on 024 7650 0556.
recently friends or decades planning Share your Telegraph news@net or Sandish on 0 0556.
If you think the card may be yours, contact reporter Sandish Shoker on 024 7650 0556.