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A trademark for fabric preshrunk by a patented mechanical process so as to minimize later shrinkage.


(ˈsænfəˌraɪzd) or


(Textiles) trademark (of a fabric) preshrunk using a patented process


(ˈsæn fəˌraɪzd)
Trademark. (of a fabric) specially processed to resist shrinking.


® [ˈsænfəraɪzd] ADJsanforizado ®
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Tenders are invited for Cloth Cotton Drill Sanforised Pre Shrunk Smoke Grey 142 Cms Width To Is: 177/89.
This is now being attended to, for Swinburnean studies have marched dramatically forward since Edmund Gosse's sanforised biography of 1917, and Harold Nicolson's scarcely less well-laundered life of 1926, although it was not until 1974 that Philip Henderson's Portrait presented some of the fuller lineaments, such as those sketched in the biographically revelatory typescript which Gosse deposited in the British Museum, deeming its contents unsuitable for publication.
The Fabric Should Be Preshrunk, Sanforised Etc By A Suitable Process To Have A Residual Shrinkage To Less Than 2 Percent Percent