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A trademark for fabric preshrunk by a patented mechanical process so as to minimize later shrinkage.


(ˈsænfəˌraɪzd) or


(Textiles) trademark (of a fabric) preshrunk using a patented process


(ˈsæn fəˌraɪzd)
Trademark. (of a fabric) specially processed to resist shrinking.


® [ˈsænfəraɪzd] ADJsanforizado ®
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In order to ensure the improvement of brightness and touch, the fabric is sanforized with a BRCKNER POWER-SHRINK, after which passes through a calender.
An explanation of the crucial role earthworms play in reviving the soil helps Little Learners gain a greater understanding of the creature sometimes thought to be vile, stinking or a mixed bag of other terms six year old use before they begin to realize the role each of us plays, and that touching worms may leave a little remainder, however, we are wash-and-wear and sanforized.
Tenders are invited for Cloth Cotton Drill Sanforized Pre- Shrunk White 71 Cms Wide
Sanforized seems to have no problem showing her form after a break, though the market ought to clarify regarding both.
They say that my father-in-law would buy one of those Sanforized suits and while it was new, he would wear it to go out, and when it was dirty, he would use it to work.
Here you could buy Portico shirts for 25 shillings, tailored in sanforized shrunk poplin - whatever that was.
Charisma's matelasse features the same interlock pattern that has become a signature pattern for the collection, using a new Sanforized finish.
For the improvement of brightness and touch the fabric is sanforized with a BRACKNER POWERSHRINK after which passes a calender.
For the improvement of brightness and touch the fabric is sanforized with a BRuCKNER POWER-SHRINK after that it passes a calender.
In addition, fabrics may be mercerized, Sanforized or coated with Scotchgard or Teflon.