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(Languages) a language used in Chad, the Central African Republic, N Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Congo, belonging to the Adamawa branch of the Niger-Congo family


(ˈsɑŋ goʊ)

a creolized form of an Adamawa-Eastern language of the upper Ubangi River basin: a lingua franca in the Central African Republic and parts of adjacent countries.
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Noun1.Sango - a trade language widely used in Chad
Niger-Congo - a family of African language spoken in west Africa
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L'opposition pour elle viendra de l'excellent coursier Sango confie cette fois au grand jockey de M'Sila T.
The OIST Sango Supercomputer is a collaboration between Industry HPC leaders, Supermicro, DataDirect Networks and Mellanox to integrate Supermicro 7U TwinBlade and 4U FatTwin(TM) compute nodes with lowest-latency and massive storage capacity.
KCA officials on basis of letter received from country's Ministry of Textile particularly referred to the warning issued by the DG SANGO (Directorate General for Health and Consumer Affairs) European Union that a ban may be imposed on import of perishables from Pakistan if the international agreement signed by it is ignored or violated,
The Bureaus met him for the first time at Logan International Airport in Boston, but the couple said it was difficult to communicate because they thought he only spoke Sango -- the national language of the Central African Republic.
Anti-balaka means "anti-machete" in the local Sango language and refers to the weapon of choice wielded by the Seleka -- but also taken up by the vigilantes.
The fighting began between the rival gangs on Wednesday night in Shah Biag Lane, Nawa Lane, Tannery Lane, Aflah Road, Ali Mohammad Mohalla, Sango Lane, Chakiwara, and Behar Colony.
More than 500 people were killed last week in clashes between ex-rebels with the mostly-Muslim Seleka coalition and their Christian rivals known as "anti-balaka" ("machete" in the local Sango language).
According to reports exchange of firing between two groups has once again started in Phool Patti lane, Sango lane, Ahmed Shah Bukhari road, Gul Mohammad lane, Taizi road, Gulistan colony, Bahar colony, Mera Naka road and in the surroundings of Lyari General Hospital.
To enable comparative sequence analysis and phylogenetic investigations, we determined almost full-length S-, M-, and L-segment sequences for 9 Simbu serogroup viruses belonging to 5 species (Table 1): SHAV, Peaton virus, and Sango virus, species Shamonda virus; DOUV and SATV, species Sathuperi virus; Aino virus and Shuni virus, species Shuni virus; Sabo virus, species Akabane virus; and Simbu virus, species Simbu virus.
The United States reiterates its call on Captain Sango and his supporters to restore full civilian rule to Mali without delay", concluded the State Department.
Yoruba theatre has its origin in masquerade by the Egungun (masked dancers depicting departed ancestors) and in ritual and annual performances to Obatala, Ogun, and Sango.