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Santa Claus.


(European Myth & Legend) informal short for Santa Claus

San′ta Claus`

(or Klaus`)

a white-bearded, plump, red-suited, grandfatherly man of folklore who brings gifts to well-behaved children at Christmas.
[1765–75, Amer.; < Dutch Sinterklaas=sint saint + heer (Myn)heer + Klaas, short for Niklaas Nicholas1]
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Noun1.Santa - the legendary patron saint of childrenSanta - the legendary patron saint of children; an imaginary being who is thought to bring presents to children at Christmas

Santa (Claus)

nder Weihnachtsmann
References in classic literature ?
cried Santa Claus, briskly, as he trotted up the long room.
The clever lady then said that she was going to spend a long morning in Santa Croce, and if Lucy would come too, she would be delighted.
These white beds are everywhere capped by a mass of gravel, forming probably one of the largest beds of shingle in the world: it certainly extends from near the Rio Colorado to between 600 and 700 nautical miles southward, at Santa Cruz (a river a little south of St.
Well then," returned the bachelor, "don't be uneasy, but go home in peace; get me ready something hot for breakfast, and while you are on the way say the prayer of Santa Apollonia, that is if you know it; for I will come presently and you will see miracles.
He came through in an auto, on the way to Santa Rosa.
Author of Father Goose-His Book; The Wizard of Oz; The Magical Monarch of Mo; The Enchanted Isle of Yew; The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus; Dot and Tot of Merryland etc.
Corpus Christi, in the county of Nueces, and all the cities situated on the Rio Bravo, Laredo, Comalites, San Ignacio on the Web, Rio Grande City on the Starr, Edinburgh in the Hidalgo, Santa Rita, Elpanda, Brownsville in the Cameron, formed an imposing league against the pretensions of Florida.
At Santa Rosa Billy was delayed with the shipping of several horses, so that it was not until afternoon that he drove south and east for Sonoma Valley.
remember that there will be a visit from Santa Claus * to-night.
He had resided for many years in Missouri, on the frontier; had been among the earliest adventurers to Santa Fe, where he went to trap beaver, and was taken by the Spaniards.
John Jacob Astor, relative to that portion of our country, and to the adventurous traders to Santa Fe and the Columbia.
Naumann was all apologies in asking her to stand, and allow him to adjust her attitude, to which she submitted without any of the affected airs and laughs frequently thought necessary on such occasions, when the painter said, "It is as Santa Clara that I want you to stand-- leaning so, with your cheek against your hand--so--looking at that stool, please, so