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Santa Claus.


(European Myth & Legend) informal short for Santa Claus

San′ta Claus`

(or Klaus`)

a white-bearded, plump, red-suited, grandfatherly man of folklore who brings gifts to well-behaved children at Christmas.
[1765–75, Amer.; < Dutch Sinterklaas=sint saint + heer (Myn)heer + Klaas, short for Niklaas Nicholas1]
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Noun1.Santa - the legendary patron saint of childrenSanta - the legendary patron saint of children; an imaginary being who is thought to bring presents to children at Christmas

Santa (Claus)

nder Weihnachtsmann
References in classic literature ?
Snodhead, a very learned man, professor of Low Dutch and High German in the college of Santa Claus and St.
It was too far off for Santa Claus in Lithuania, but it was not too far for peace and good will to men, for the wonder-bearing vision of the Christ Child.
This was the children's friend, Santa Claus, or St.
It was taken by the chief Neapolitan galley called the She-wolf, commanded by that thunderbolt of war, that father of his men, that successful and unconquered captain Don Alvaro de Bazan, Marquis of Santa Cruz; and I cannot help telling you what took place at the capture of the Prize.
He first cast anchor at Botany Bay, visited the Friendly Isles, New Caledonia, then directed his course towards Santa Cruz, and put into Namouka, one of the Hapai group.
The road selected was a continuation of the Via Sistina; then by cutting off the right angle of the street in which stands Santa Maria Maggiore and proceeding by the Via Urbana and San Pietro in Vincoli, the travellers would find themselves directly opposite the Colosseum.
He had resided for many years in Missouri, on the frontier; had been among the earliest adventurers to Santa Fe, where he went to trap beaver, and was taken by the Spaniards.
remember that there will be a visit from Santa Claus * to-night.
John Jacob Astor, relative to that portion of our country, and to the adventurous traders to Santa Fe and the Columbia.
Please take my private car 'Constance 'from Santa Fe at Sixteenth Street next Tuesday p.
And you may be sure - that will surprise you both - that on the way back - oh, Santa Madre, wasn't it a long way, too - I wasn't thinking of any man at sea or on shore in that connection.
The clever lady then said that she was going to spend a long morning in Santa Croce, and if Lucy would come too, she would be delighted.