Santa Barbara

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San·ta Bar·ba·ra

 (săn′tə bär′bər-ə, bär′brə)
A city of southern California west-northwest of Los Angeles on the Santa Barbara Channel, which separates the Channel Islands from the mainland. The site of an early Spanish presidio (1782) and mission (1786), it grew as a resort and industrial center.

San•ta Bar•ba•ra

(ˈsæn tə ˈbɑr bər ə, -brə)
a city on the SW coast of California. 78,170.
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Noun1.Santa Barbara - a town in southwestern California on the Pacific OceanSanta Barbara - a town in southwestern California on the Pacific Ocean
Calif., California, Golden State, CA - a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes
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Sometimes when Dorothea was in company, there seemed to be as complete an air of repose about her as if she had been a picture of Santa Barbara looking out from her tower into the clear air; but these intervals of quietude made the energy of her speech and emotion the more remarked when some outward appeal had touched her.
For more than a century, the Santa Barbara News-Press has provided the community with dependable daily news on local and national current events.
But when the bells ring at these two peaceful Santa Barbara retreats, answering their call to quiet reflection is a pleasure.
This Charge Against Employer filed by the Teamsters is yet another example of some of the harassing tactics employed by the union to put pressure on the Santa Barbara News-Press.
Nick Markowitz was brought to a Santa Barbara home, where he stayed with his captors for two days, and was later driven to a popular hiking spot under cover of darkness, bound, gagged, hit over the head with a shovel.
High-density development interests, Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum, county Supervisor Susan Rose and an outfit known as "SBCANT" tried mightily over the last month to silence the independent voices on these pages.
Santa Barbara (25-6), which graduates six starters, are what the young Chargers (26-6) aspire to become.
Cancer Center of Santa Barbara is licensed as a community clinic that provides of radiation oncology, medical oncology, and nuclear medicine, as well as support services and medical research in Santa Barbara County and the surrounding areas.
2 seed but Santa Barbara has clearly distanced itself from the rest of the division.
Players didn't seem to notice, but UC Santa Barbara coach Bob Williams did.
The drawing will be held at 2 pm on June 10, 2006 at the Multimedia Arts and Design Academy at Santa Barbara High School.
They're very good, but I still think we can play with them,'' he said of the Vaqueros after Santa Barbara won its third consecutive WSC tournament last week, finishing 14 shots ahead of COC at Cypress Ridge.

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