Santa Gertrudis

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San·ta Ger·tru·dis

 (săn′tə gər-tro͞o′dĭs)
n. pl. Santa Gertrudis
Any of a breed of large beef cattle that are highly resistant to heat and insects, developed in the United States by crossing Brahmans and shorthorns.

[After the Santa Gertrudis section of the King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas.]

Santa Gertrudis

(ˈsæntə ɡəˈtruːdɪs)
(Breeds) one of a breed of large red beef cattle developed in Texas

San′ta Ger•tru′dis

(gərˈtru dɪs)
any of an American breed of beef cattle, developed from Shorthorn and Brahman stock for endurance in hot climates.
[1940–45, Amer.; after a ranch in Texas]
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Noun1.Santa Gertrudis - Brahman and shorthorn crossbreed of red cattleSanta Gertrudis - Brahman and shorthorn crossbreed of red cattle; hardy in hot regions
beef, beef cattle - cattle that are reared for their meat
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The six which faired poorest were the Brahman, Charbray, Polled Shorthorn and a tie between Polled Hereford, Santa Gertrudis and Shorthorn, in that order.
The Greta property comprises 954 hectares and lies nine kilometres southeast of the main past-producing gold properties at Santa Gertrudis.
Polled, or without horns, Santa Gertrudis calves can sell for up to $80,000 a head, though that is the exception rather than the rule.
It should be noted that the existing infrastructure on Sonora's Santa Gertrudis property has been upgraded and includes six cement block administrative buildings together with four bunkhouses (minimum 200 man capacity), a one million liter water tank, propane tank farms, explosives storage building, roadways, leach ponds, leach pad, and other ancillary structures.
This portion of the Ontario zone is being drilled to delineate a possible low-cost "starter pit" tonnage for a planned production decision at Santa Gertrudis later this year.
The trenching has exposed numerous zones of intensively silicified rock units of the Mural Formation which hosts the Santa Gertrudis Gold Deposits 6.
At San Enrique, geological mapping revealed a broad, domal structure cored by shallowly-dipping limestone, calcareous siltstone and sandstone of the Mural Formation, the primary host of the Santa Gertrudis gold deposits.
Oro de Sotula owns the Santa Gertrudis gold property in Sonora, Mexico that was placed on a care and maintenance basis in 2000.
Closure and reclamation at Santa Gertrudis will be funded by the MJV and performed in due course.
1 million will be credited under certain circumstances depending on the eventual aggregate cost of meeting the liabilities of Oro and the reclamation costs of Santa Gertrudis.
announces that costs associated with keeping the mine infrastructures in place at the Joe Mann and Santa Gertrudis mines are mainly responsible for a loss of $2,031,000 ($0.

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