Santa Rosa

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San·ta Ro·sa

 (săn′tə rō′zə)
A city of northern California north-northwest of San Francisco. Luther Burbank lived here, and his experimental gardens are preserved as a memorial.

San′ta Ro′sa

(ˈroʊ zə)
a city in W California, N of San Francisco. 121,879.
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The hills were full of deer, and my mother saw whole herds of elk around Santa Rosa.
He did not drive to Kelterville, but turned off on the main road south to Santa Rosa.
And at Santa Rosa, in a second-hand clothes shop, he sold the suit outright for two dollars and a half.
Swinging his horse, he surveyed the west and north, from Santa Rosa to St.
His last crossing had been from the mountains of the Russian River, across wide-farmed Santa Rosa Valley, to Sonoma Mountain.
It is also available for purchase at the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center in Santa Rosa and the Kendall-Jackson Tasting Room in Healdsburg.
Investigators closed Santa Rosa Road between Vista Arroyo Drive and Vista Grande for more than three hours to conduct their investigation and to clean up the wreckage site.
All required funding for the upcoming phase of exploration and all future exploration and development of the Santa Rosa property will be borne by each party in proportion to its interest in the Santa Rosa Property.
The real winners are the patients," said Heather Flores, a Financial Counselor at Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa.
PHOTO (1--Color) Bruce Spain, director of the Lancaster Performing Arts Center for the past six years, is resigning to take a similar job in Santa Rosa.
Wine Country Television was founded in 2004 to provide the North Bay area with live headshot studio services, state-of-the-art camera equipment, and a convenient location in downtown Santa Rosa, 60 miles north of San Francisco.
Where: Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa (in front of main hospital entrance) 3325 Chanate Rd.

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