Sapan wood

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Sa`pan´ wood

1.(Bot.) A dyewood yielded by Cæsalpinia Sappan, a thorny leguminous tree of Southern Asia and the neighboring islands. It is the original Brazil wood.
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Abu Zayd al-Slrafl, the author of the first of the two books (Accounts of China and India) wrote about "the Sea of India and China, in whose depths are pearls and ambergris, in whose rocky isles are gems and mines of gold, in the mouth of whose beasts is ivory, in whose forest grow ebony, sapan wood, rattans, and trees that bear aloe-wood, camphor, nutmeg, cloves, sandalwood, and all manner of fragrant and aromatic spices, whose birds are parrots and peacocks, and the creeping things of whose earth are civet cats and musk gazelles, and all the rest that no one could enumerate, so many are its blessings.