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Noun1.Sara Teasdale - United States poet (1884-1933)Sara Teasdale - United States poet (1884-1933)  
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He elucidated on what good poetry was, citing works written by Sara Teasdale, Sarah Cleghorn and Teodoro.
The story was told through the beautiful poetry of (among others) Wilfred Owen, Sara Teasdale, Oscar Wilde and Robert Burns along with the words of the wicked witch in Disney's Snow White, those of his mother, Sara Turing (who, like everyone else at the time, knew nothing of his war work), the voice of Neville Chamberlain and Gordon Brown's apology on behalf of the Government in 2009.
The academy's second place declaimer, senior Melineth Vasquez, chose work by contemporary poet Lorna Dee Cervantes and early 20th-century poet Sara Teasdale.
Our sample, made up of 3x3x3 poets (Irina Andone, Dimitrie Anghel, Thomas Lovell Beddoes, John Berryman, Paul Celan, Thomas Chatterton, Hart Crane, John Davidson, Sergey Esenin, Benjamin Fondane, Randall Jarrell, Heinrich von Kleist, Vachel Lindsay, Gherasim Luca, Lucan, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Gerard de Nerval, Cesare Pavese, Sylvia Plath, Sappho, Daniil Scavinski, Anne Sexton, Ion Stratan, Sara Teasdale, Georg Trakl, Marina Tsvetayeva, George Vasilievici) is sad testimony to such a deadlock but, as an excuse for the Poet, we will take the liberty to paraphrase La Rochefoucauld and say that Poets are not those which have "more virtue" and more of sanity than common souls, but "only those which have greater designs.
BY SARA TEASDALE Carol Annsays: A love poem to New York as well as to a lover, this sonnet by American poet Sara Teasdale has the fairytale quality of early romance; even the pavement sparkles and other people seem 'shabby' or 'sombre' in comparison to the narrator's lover.
From anonymous sea shanties to urban dwellers' yearnings, shipwrecks, poets like Sara Teasdale, Noel Coward, and Constantine Cavafy, this collection explores the full scope of humanity's relation to the sea.
The essays address metrical diversity, poetry and music, the place of women poets in the canon, and meditations on Emily Dickinson, Phillis Wheatley, Sara Teasdale and other poets.
How might Sara Teasdale connect with the early work of Mendez and Conde?
According to an old saying, "Time is gold," and there is no reason to lose this precious entity We need to fully recognize the characteristics of time and put it to work appropriately; after all, as American poet Sara Teasdale (1884-1933) put it, "Time is a kind friend"--if we respect it.
Its estrangement from comparable stellar company prompted the American poet Sara Teasdale to write,
I love Maya Angelou, Sara Teasdale, May Swenson, Pablo Neruda and Charles Bukowski, to mention some.
poisoning (Thomas Chatterton, Daniil Scavinski, Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Vachel Lindsay, Cesare Favese, Sara Teasdale, Georg Trakl)