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n. pl. sa·ran·gis
A stringed instrument of India played upright with a bow and usually having three playing strings, a fretless playing board, and numerous sympathetic resonating strings.

[Hindi and Urdu sāraṅgī.]


(Instruments) music a stringed instrument of India played with a bow
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The instrument in question is a sarangi - a type of fiddle whose name is derived from two Hindi words, 'sau' meaning hundred and 'rang' meaning colour - and it's said to most resemble the sound of the human voice.
Veteran Maharashtra bureaucrat U C Sarangi and long-time Hazare associate Bhayyuji Maharaj met the fasting leader for around 20 minutes earlier in the day.
Another campaigner, Satti Nath Sarangi, said: "They are treating the worst ever industrial disaster like a traffic accident.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Institute of Folk and TraditionalHeritage Lok Virsa would organize a reference on June 6 to pay tribute to the legendary Sarangi player Ustad Allah Rakha Khan (1932-2015).
Pandit Ram Narayan, considered the finest sarangi exponent in the country and the man who made it a popular instrument, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Honour in the classical category.
Satinath Sarangi from Bhopal Group of Information and Action appealed to the government that any ties with the U.
Murad Ali plays a sarangi - a short-necked, multi-stringed instrument - made from red cedar-wood and including three resonant chambers, which is a cross between a sitar (in that it utilises an elaborate series of sympathetic strings) and a fiddle, the three main strings being bowed.
Pandit Brij Narayan will be accompanied by the Renowned Tablist, Pandit Arnindo Chatterjee, Shri Harsh Narayan on the Sarangi and Shri Ravindra Yavagal again on the Tabla.
But Satinath Sarangi, a social activist heading an NGO working closely with the victims and their families, has welcomed the government recommendations.
Surinder plays the sarangi, a sensitive bowed instrument with four main and up to 40 sympathetic strings.