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or Sa·sa·ni·an  (sə-sā′nē-ən, să-) also Sas·sa·nid (sə-sä′nĭd, -săn′ĭd, săs′ə-nĭd)
Of or relating to a Persian dynasty (ad 224-651) and the last line of Persian kings before the Arab conquest. The Sassanian era was marked by wars against the Romans, Armenians, and Huns and by the revival of Zoroastrianism and Achaemenid custom.
A member or subject of this dynasty.

[After Sassan, ancestor of Ardashir I, founder of the dynasty.]
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When the Arabs invaded Iranshahr in the seventh century, Peroz III, scion of the swansong Sassanian monarch Yazdgird III, sought and was offered refuge in Tang China by the Emperor Gaozong.
This monument dates back to the Sassanian period and to the time of Bahram-Gour (420-438 AD).
Also in the fourth century AD, the Red Sea and its coastal areas had always been a controversial policy of the Byzantine and Sassanian.
Joining the executive team are Scott Avila as CEO, Cooper Crouse as President and Roxanna Sassanian as CFO.
From the conquest of Ionian Greece and the first exposure of Europeans to Zoroastrianism and concomitant schools of philosophy, and its major impact on the growth of Greco-Roman approaches to philosophy and science, to the influence they had, in turn, on the Parthian and Sassanian rulers of Persia and their promotion of cross-cultural dissemination of knowledge and their sponsorship of many translations of texts that were later lost in Europe, the ancient Persia emerges as one of the great cultural centers of the ancient, late antique and medieval world.
Regrettably, most of his works on astronomy were lost, but his studies on astrology survived, including a monumental 106-chapter work, "Kitab al-Mudkhal al-Kabir", a historical study composed for the Sassanian ruler Al Mansour, the second aACAyAbbasid dynasty caliph, and his study on genethlialogy, the science of calculating positions of the heavenly bodies on nativities, in the "Kitab Tahawil Sini al-Mawalid" (Book of the Revolutions of the Years of Nativities).
Perhaps the least expected sale was of a Sassanian silver-gilt vessel sold to a mainland museum by David Aaron Ancient Arts.
it experienced a marked upturn in its fortunes and a swift population explosion due to the extension of a canal to draw water from the Tigris to the region by a Sassanian king.
340 periods 1, H, Polished BC-AD 200) G Ware, Rouletted Ware Late Historic Organic/hub Structural Glazed (AD monasteries period F Sassanian 200-600) ceramics Early Medieval Focal Structural East and west (AD monasteries, periods E, D, Asian 600-1200) Pabbata C, B ceramics Vihara, Padhanagara Parivena Period Script Sculpture Early Historic Early Brahmi Aniconic (c.
The Sassanian Empire or Sassanid Empire was the last pre-Islamic Empire, ruled by the Sasanian Dynasty from 224 CE to 651 CE.
16, upper, second row) has a good analogy in a burial assemblage excavated in Vesliana (Komi Republic), which also produced coins struck for the Sassanian kings Peroz and Khusro I, the latest in 535 (Savel'eva 1979, 93 ff.
I have a collection of thousands of year old coins, including Kushan, Chattrap, Maurya Sassanian, Guptas and all ancient coins," Sada said.