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 (sə-so͞on′, să-), Siegfried Lorraine 1886-1967.
British writer known for his antiwar poems, based on his combat experience in World War I, and for his fictionalized three-volume autobiography, first published as The Memoirs of George Sherston (1928-1936).


1. (Biography) Siegfried (Lorraine). 1886–1967, British poet and novelist, best known for his poems of the horrors of war collected in Counterattack (1918) and Satirical Poems (1926). He also wrote a semi-fictitious autobiographical trilogy The Memoirs of George Sherston (1928–36)
2. (Biography) Vidal. 1928–2012, British hair stylist: founder and chairman of Vidal Sassoon Inc



Siegfried (Loraine), 1886–1967, English poet and novelist.
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James Sassoon, a Treasury minister under David Cameron, is a beneficiary of a scheme sheltering a family fortune from tax since 1957.
Steve Burnett used a branch from a sycamore at Craiglockhart in Edinburgh, where Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon were treated, to make the instruments.
At 17, he went to London under the tutelage of revolutionary hairdresser Vidal Sassoon.
The French House, which is a seven-bedroom 15th century oak-beamed mansion, was bought as part of the Port Lympne estate in Kent by MP Sir Phillip Sassoon during the 1920s.
Early Saturday morning in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, a fire caused by a malfunctioning hot plate in use for Shabbat tore through the Sassoon family's home, killing seven children and leaving the eighth in critical condition, along with the children's mother, Gayle Sassoon.
After speaking with women all over the world who color their hair at home, the Vidal Sassoon brand found that these consumers were dissatisfied with their current results and often described the outcome as "flat" or "blocky" with "off-tone brassy results.
But it seems to me that critics have given too much attention to the autobiographical side of Sassoon's sporting character, (1) George Sherston, and not explored enough how Sherston's sporting experiences influence his responses to the war, sometimes in ways quite different from the responses Sassoon himself recorded in his war journals.
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He said that Sassoon was an artist with the original cast of Ka since 2006 and has been an integral part of their Cirque du Soleil tight family.
Legendary hairdresser Vidal Sassoon disinherited his adopted son after the two failed to heal their rift, it has emerged.