communications satellite

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communications satellite

(Telecommunications) an artificial satellite used to relay radio, television, and telephone signals around the earth, usually in geostationary orbit

communica′tions sat`ellite

a satellite designed to facilitate radio, telephone, and television communication by retransmitting the signals it receives while orbiting the earth.

com·mu·ni·ca·tions satellite

An artificial space satellite used to transmit signals, such as television and telephone signals, from one ground station to another.

communications satellite

An orbiting vehicle, which relays signals between communications stations. There are two types: a. active communications satellite--A satellite that receives, regenerates, and retransmits signals between stations; b. passive communications satellite--A satellite which reflects communications signals between stations. Also called COMSAT.
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Noun1.communications satellite - an artificial satellite that relays signals back to earthcommunications satellite - an artificial satellite that relays signals back to earth; moves in a geostationary orbit
communication equipment, communication system - facility consisting of the physical plants and equipment for disseminating information
artificial satellite, orbiter, satellite - man-made equipment that orbits around the earth or the moon
satellite receiver - a receiver on a communications satellite
satellite transmitter - a transmitter on a communications satellite
قَمَر اًصْطِناعي للأتِّصالات
sdělovací/spojovací družice
telekomunikačná družica
haberleşme uydusu

communications satellite

nsatellite m per telecomunicazioni


(kəˈmjuːnikeit) verb
1. to tell (information etc). She communicated the facts to him.
2. to get in touch (with). It's difficult to communicate with her now that she has left the country.
comˌmuniˈcation noun
1. (an act, or means, of) conveying information. Communication is difficult in some remote parts of the country.
2. a piece of information given, a letter etc. I received your communication in this morning's post.
comˌmuniˈcations noun plural
means of sending messages or of transporting (eg troops and supplies).
comˈmunicative (-tiv) adjective
(negative uncommunicative) talkative; sociable. She's not very communicative this morning.
communication cord
a chain etc in a railway carriage, to be pulled in an emergency.
communiˈcations ˌsatellite noun
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The major driving force for the M2M satellite communications market is the growing need for enriched data communication.
Tenders are invited for satellite communication Services except for the services of distribution programs in homes using satellites 61.
ATCi, employing the latest satellite communications technology from Comtech EF Data and its wholly owned subsidiary Memotec, designed and integrated the complete Frame Relay system for the new satellite communication site at Bluefields, Nicaragua.
Shiron Satellite Communications regards South America as strategic in importance, especially in light of the fast growth in this region, and the projects we are currently involved in these regions.
Visiongain has determined that the value of the global marine satellite communications market in 2012 will reach $755.
The WGS satellites will provide an enormous leap forward in satellite communications capability for the U.
Telenor Satellite Services, a subsidiary of Telenor of Norway (Oslo Stock Exchange:TEL and NASDAQ:TELN) today previewed Terralink Secure[TM], the first in a series of secure networking value added services to enable users to more effectively monitor and filter security attacks and unwanted Internet content over satellite communications.
Appendix (Acronyms, Definitions, 147 and Satellite Communications Introduction)
They provide cost-effective one- and two-way satellite communications for specialized customer segments.
This contract is further evidence of the partnership that Scientific-Atlanta and the Post and Telecommunication Corporation have developed to help Papua New Guinea establish a state-of-the-art satellite communications infrastructure," said Jorge Vespoli, president of Scientific-Atlanta's Satellite Communications Division.
Additionally, the satellite communications company's new Emergency Response Deployment Packages -- including fixed and transportable broadband (C and Ku-Band) and mobile, on demand (BGAN) solutions with a full range of accessories -- are now available via the GSA FTS contract vehicle.
is a global telecommunications company that operates a domestic and international network providing its customers with radio and television transmission services, international private line and long distance telephone services, mobile satellite communications capabilities, and the design and installation of satellite networks worldwide.

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