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A river, about 1,450 km (900 mi) long, flowing from southwest Tibet through northern India and eastern Pakistan, where it is joined by the Chenab River. It is one of the five rivers of the Punjab.


(Placename) a river in S Asia, rising in SW Tibet and flowing west through the Himalayas: crosses Himachal Pradesh and the Punjab (India), enters Pakistan, and joins the Chenab west of Bahawalpur: the longest of the five rivers of the Punjab. Length: 1368 km (850 miles)


(ˈsʌt lɛdʒ)

a river flowing W and SW from Tibet through NW India into the Indus River in Pakistan. 900 mi. (1450 km) long.
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A match between Satluj Club Bahawalpur and Kabirwala Club would be played tomorrow (Friday).
LCCI President Abdul Basit said that Kalabagh Dam should have been built soon after the Indus Water Treaty because it was inevitable after loosing the Rivers Ravi and Satluj to India but past governments ignored it completely.
40 feet) and Head Sulemanki 41798 cusecs in River Satluj.
A Holstein Friesian (HF) cow from Satluj dairy farm, Ludhiana created a new milk yielding record by yielding 61.
The deal allows India's state-owned company Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam to construct a 900-megawatt hydropower project on Nepal's Arun river, with electricity expected to be generated from 2021.
The Koldam Project is located 6 Kms upstream of Dehar Power House of Beas Satluj Link Project (BSL) and is expected to enhance the life of Bhakra Reservoir considerably by trapping the sediments of river Satluj in Koldam.
11 ( ANI ): Dipping water level in the river Sutlej has resulted in the reduction of power generation at the hydro power project of Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam (SJVN) in Himachal Pradesh.
FLOOD alert has been sounded in Delhi and Punjab following rising water levels in the Yamuna and Satluj rivers, respectively.
Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited (Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam), an India-based hydro power company, is likely to open its initial public offering on April 29 the Press Trust of India has reported, citing the state-run company's chairman and managing director, HK Sharma.
In a meeting convened last month, the Union power ministry asked NHPC Ltd, Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam (SJVN) and the state government of Manipur to form a joint venture to develop the project.
Satluj Power Development Corporation awarded an extension to the existing services contract for the Nathpa Jhakri hydroelectric project.