Jean-Paul Sartre

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Noun1.Jean-Paul Sartre - French writer and existentialist philosopher (1905-1980)
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The final on-site process removes excess water from the concentrates, resulting in "a fine, bulk, dust material," Satre says.
Satre points out that Blistex Cold & Allergy Lip Soother aims to address one often-overlooked and irritating side effect of colds and flu--dry lips.
International Game Technology (NYSE: IGT) has named Philip G Satre as Chairman of its board of directors, effective 1 December 2009.
As an Anaconda native and a long-time staff member at the local credit union, she knows the community, its people and their needs from top to bottom," Satre said.
Satre maps items in a CT scanner then processes the images on a computer.
Satre disclosed that he had no financial interests, arrangements, or affiliations with any commercial companies related to his presentation.
We are here to provide a resource network for gay-straight alliance clubs and GLBT youth in Virginia," Satre said.
Satre was inducted into the Youngstown State University chapter of Phi Kappa Phi in 1972.
They can also advise consumers on the facts of the new regulations permitting reimbursement of some O-T-Cs under Section 125 medical savings plans," Satre says.
On Tuesday, Thompson said he later learned of letters that Harrah's Chairman Phil Satre and Brown exchanged earlier this year.
When Philip Satre, the CEO of Harrah's since 1984, considers the gaming industry's future, he remembers the changes that swept through the business a decade or so ago.
The intent of the update," says Philip Farrington of Satre Associates, who's been involved in the revision process, "is to promote density within the city and to have ample land supply for the next 20 years within the urban growth boundary.