Jean-Paul Sartre

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Noun1.Jean-Paul Sartre - French writer and existentialist philosopher (1905-1980)
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Adding a marijuana grow operation there likely wouldn't be feasible, Carol Schirmer, president of Schirmer Satre Group, said, because marijuana businesses struggle to secure bank loans, due to pot being illegal under federal law, despite its newly legal status in Oregon.
Satre says it's not a perfect situation; power to the mine is interrupted frequently and is unavailable when water levels at Dorothy Lake and other AEL&P hydroelectric projects drop.
Satre maps items in a CT scanner then processes the images on a computer.
Satre disclosed that he had no financial interests, arrangements, or affiliations with any commercial companies related to his presentation.
In a July 3 letter, Brown told Satre that he was "backing off from participating in the process" and had been unaware of Harrah's position on the gross receipts tax.
Some of Harrah's competitors considered these smaller casinos little threat to the grand palaces of Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City, recalls Satre, 53.
The Dale Satre family of Concord, California, consider themselves lucky to have one of the groves that survived.
Satre states, "I am privileged to be appointed Radia's President.
Once the zone change is sorted out, said Rick Satre, the developer's Eugene consultant, the developer will submit a new proposal with details of what it wants to build on the property.
The company also made the following changes: John Bissell retired as eastern regional sales manager, Douglas Doza was promoted to executive vice president, Dana Goski was promoted to director of research, Peter Satre was promoted to manager of engineering, Ron Brenneman became manager of special projects, Robert Wilson was appointed to manager of design and engineering, David Stanic was promoted to senior regional sales manager, Brett Spychalski was promoted to matrix sales manager, Bruce Voisin was promoted to eastern regional sales manager, and Laura Irwin was promoted to manager of inside sales.
Over the years, with hard work and a lot of effort, Satre advanced to his current position, accumulated company stock and gained ownership of Northern Sales.