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Noun1.Saturnia - type genus of the Saturniidae: emperor mothSaturnia - type genus of the Saturniidae: emperor moth
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Saturniidae, Saturniidae - important and widely distributed family of moths including some of the largest insects known
emperor moth, Saturnia pavonia, emperor - large moth of temperate forests of Eurasia having heavily scaled transparent wings
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Giovanni was born in the village of Spigno Saturnia, near Formia, and had a barber shop in Italy before emigrating to England.
Terme di Saturnia | by Theo K via Flickr The legend says that the thermal springs were created during a violent fight between the gods Saturn and Jupiter, until a thunderbolt thrown by Jupiter dropped to the ground.
Another equally blissful location is also located in Tuscany: the open air, natural spa in Saturnia called the Cascate del Mulino which is located in an area littered with stunning Etruscan and Roman remains.
She has worked in-house for and provided agency representation for legendary hospitality brands such as Doral Hotels & Resorts, Le Parker Meridien, and Cendant Corporation's (now Wyndham Hotels) Days Inns, Rocco Forte Hotels & Resorts, Michelangelo Hotel New York, Hotel Esprit St-Germain, Paris, France, Ragosta Hotels Collection, Amalfi Coast, Italy, Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort, Tuscany, Italy, the Scottish Business Tourism Unit, and Government of Dubai Tourism Authority.
The other passengers were Katherine Mallari, Ada Japson, Jeilin Ballesteros, Mary Rose Valdez, Saturnia Silaroy, Pamela Gonzalez, Carleigh Taladtad, Argie Kapukyan, Jomas Gurdura, Robelyn delos Santos, Eunice Gagucas, Romilyn Peralta, Angelu Magno, Mar Tando, Micu Enriquez, Kenneth Orpilla and Feliciano Sobredo.
And the hot springs and spas of Saturnia, Bagno Vignoni and Bagni San Filippo are good destinations for a day trip.
Mucho mas claro resulta el papel de Graco en la fundacion de la colonia romana de Saturnia en el ano 183, noticia que como casi siempre nos trasmite Tito Livio (82).
But there is a crucial difference: in the Virgilian model, Augustus's proleptic role gestures toward the restoration of the ancient golden age that the Emperor allegedly embodied--the Saturnia Regna that, Virgil insinuates in his Eclogues, Augustus brings back in the aftermath of the fall of the Republic (4.
It may be an infusion for refreshment or medicinal means sipped at the Terme di Saturnia, a spa known for its therapeutic thermal waters.
TERME di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort is located in the Maremma region of southern Tuscany in Italy.
Saturnia Tellus: defmizioni dello spazio consacrato in ambiente etrusco, italico, fenicio-punico, iberico e celtico.
George immigrated to the United States sailing on The Saturnia to Ellis Island when he was nine years old where he received his cherished citizenship.