imp. sing.1.imp. sing. of See.
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The best of the native breed entry was a pair of big black Angus cross steers at 18 months from Martin Johnson, High Fotherley which sold well at PS1285 to John Dodd, Saugh House whilst a great run of ten steers bred the sale way and at the same age sold to a top of PS1185 to then average PS1126 for noted local purveyor of Angus cross cattle; Geoff Roddam, Blackcarts.
Tradition has it that on that day in 1782 John Wesley preached from under a hawthorn tree at Saugh House, near Scots Gap.
And yet remoeved they nevere out of the hous, Whil they saugh al this sighte merveillous, But in his studie, ther as his bookes be, They seten stille, and no wight but they thre.
But as I slepte, me mette I was Within a temple ymad of glas, In which ther were moo ymages Of gold, stondynge in sondry stages, And moo ryche tabernacles, And with perre moo pynacles, And moo curiouse portreytures, And queynte maner of figures Of olde werk, then I saugh ever.
In the General Prologue, for instance, the narrator tells us that "She wolde wepe, if that she saugh a mous/Kaught in a trappe, if it were deed or bledde" (I.
By contrast, in the Manciple's Tale, the crow's insult to Phoebus is conveyed just as much by the repeated `thou' pronoun as by the use of `swyve': `For on thy bed thy wyf I saugh hym swyve' (IX.
The dreams prepare Criseyde for Pandarus's visit and proposition, just as Troilus's dream prepares him to serve Criseyde: "as he sat and wook, his spirit metre / That he hire saugh a-temple, and al the wise / Right of hire look, and gan it newe arise" (I.
Leading prices - lambs: Texel x - PS100 Holling Hill & Capheaton New Houses, PS90 Whittonstone, Saugh House, The Peels & Crook Dene, PS86 Stotsfold, PS81 Tuthill, Coatyards, Newton Farm & Burradon, PS80 Old Deanham, High Baulk & East White Hill, PS78 Stotsfold 219.
Wesley's tree at Saugh House has been replaced a few times.
Ther saugh I first the derke ymaginyng Of Felonye, and al the compassyng; The crueel Ire, reed as any gleede; The pykepurs, and eek the pale Drede; The smylere with the knyf under the cloke; The shepne brennynge with the blake smoke; The tresoun of the mordrynge in the bedde; The open werre, with woundes al bibledde; Contek, with blody knyf and sharp manace.
Up to the tree he caste his eyen two,/And saugh that Damyan his wyf had dressed/ In swich manere it may nat been expressed
Tradition has it that on Monday June 17, 1782, John Wesley preached from under a hawthorn tree at Saugh House, near Scots Gap.