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A city of northern California on San Francisco Bay at the northern terminus of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a residential community and a popular boating resort.
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Now, where the huge grizzly bear came from that night was long a mystery, while the people of the Springs Brothers' Circus, showing at Sausalito, searched long and vainly for "Big Ben, the Biggest Grizzly in Captivity.
Not but that I was afloat in a safe craft, for the Martinez was a new ferry-steamer, making her fourth or fifth trip on the run between Sausalito and San Francisco.
And there it was again, the division of labour, the special knowledge of the pilot and captain which permitted the stout gentleman to read my special knowledge on Poe while they carried him safely from Sausalito to San Francisco.
Their intention was to cross the Bay to Sausalito and wander up through the coast counties Here, Hall had told them, they would find the true home of the redwood.
SAUSALITO, California, Safar 10, 1437, November 22, 2015, SPA -- Marine mammal experts say another species of marine wildlife has begun turning up, emaciated and weak, in record numbers on the California coast in what has been a series of alarming signs of oceanic distress, AP reported.
Q: Three generations of family members ages 1 to 70 will meet in Sausalito for a weekend in March.
After Kings Palace had beaten Sausalito Sunrise be eaten Sausalito Sunrise by seven lengths in the novice chase, Pipe gushed: "He's the horse that every owner, trainer and jockey dreams of.
30 Cheltenham SP forecast 4-5 Three from three over hurdles last season before falling when well beaten in the Albert Bartlett here in March but bounced back when beating Sausalito Sunrise on his reappearance and chase debut over 3m1/2f on the Old course last month.
Another twist on a classic drink is the Sausalito Sally; Hendrick's Gin, lemonade, soda and mint, named in honor of Sausalito city mayor Sally Stanford.
The new program gives visitors to Sausalito the ability to download Streetline's free app "Parker" onto their iPhone, Android or compatible tablet and see an instant map showing real-time availability of 530+ spaces along local streets and in parking lots - with icons noting more than four spaces available (plenty of parking available), more than two spaces available (some parking), or less than two spaces available (limited parking).
com uber-user Pam Vetter, a West Hills resident who holds the postings record with 61 stories, wrote recently about Sausalito Avenue, which residents say has been neglected by the city for 50 years.
Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but a Canadian tourist staying in "the city by the bay" recently left her purse in Sausalito.