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 (săv′ə-nə-rō′lə, sä′vō-nä-), Girolamo 1452-1498.
Italian reformer. A Dominican friar, he gained a vast popular following and drove the Medici family out of Florence in 1494. He was later excommunicated and executed for criticizing Pope Alexander VI.


(Italian savonaˈrɔːla)
(Biography) Girolamo (dʒiˈrɔːlamo). 1452–98, Italian religious and political reformer. As a Dominican prior in Florence he preached against contemporary sinfulness and moral corruption. When the Medici were expelled from the city (1494) he instituted a severely puritanical republic but lost the citizens' support after being excommunicated (1497). He was hanged and burned as a heretic


(ˌsæv ə nəˈroʊ lə)

Girolamo, 1452–98, Italian monk, reformer, and martyr.
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Noun1.Savonarola - Italian religious and political reformerSavonarola - Italian religious and political reformer; a Dominican friar in Florence who preached against sin and corruption and gained a large following; he expelled the Medici from Florence but was later excommunicated and executed for criticizing the Pope (1452-1498)
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If Moses, Cyrus, Theseus, and Romulus had been unarmed they could not have enforced their constitutions for long--as happened in our time to Fra Girolamo Savonarola, who was ruined with his new order of things immediately the multitude believed in him no longer, and he had no means of keeping steadfast those who believed or of making the unbelievers to believe.
To one who loves the Florence of Dante and Savonarola there is something portentous in such desecration-- portentous and humiliating.
Among his topics are the voice of the preacher: late medieval model sermons, Italian preaching on the prodigal son from Bernardine da Siena to Savonarola, and the 16th-century prodigal son: a multiple mirror.
Via Savonarola 9 Universit Degli Studi Di Ferrara Area Edilizia, Sicurezza, Gare E Patrimonio Ripartizione Gare E Patrimonio Ufficio Gare
Machiavelli now made his entry into public life, but only after the fall and execution of Savonarola, a puritanical friar who dominated the republic's first years.
Back in 1497 Florence Savonarola tried to purify the city by burning at the stake anyone who didn't agree with him.
Girolamo Savonarola, Rime, a cura di Giona Tuccini, II Melangolo: Genova, 2015; 272 pp.
Levy, to those who seek sweet refuge in ignorance, is the Haaretz columnist who, being the Savonarola of self-hating Jews, has made a mint peddling an increasingly sordidand fantasticalaccount of Israel's alleged crimes to the regressive left around the world.
Savonarola was a monk whose sermons sparked images of fire and brimstone, and who rejected the appeal and wealth of the Renaissance de' Medici was supporting.
XV, seria justamente o ceticismo que passaria a desempenhar o papel de defensor da cristandade contra a agenda quimerica neopaga e crista primitiva do circulo de Ficino, notadamente com Giovanni Pico della Mirandola--cujo 'Disputas contra a astrologia' espelha-se em 'Contra os Astrologos', de Sexto Empirico (7)--e Girolamo Savonarola, frade Dominicano que pensava que o ceticismo era uma preparacao para a fe.
Panyard shows how Michelangelo's ceiling frescoes demonstrate both knowledge of what Christians call the Old Testament, as well as real familiarity with the works of Dante and Savonarola.
Girolamo Savonarola (1452-98) is one of the most fascinating characters in Church history.