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a mountain range in central Colorado: part of the Rocky Mountains. Highest peak, Mt. Elbert, 14,431 ft. (4400 m).
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Inspired by the natural beauty in Aspen, CO, the Elk and Sawatch mountain ranges invoke the spirit of simple living, self-reliance, and rugged simplicity.
Available at Bent gate (Golden), the Edge (Pueblo), Christy Sports (mountain locations), the Mountain Shop (Fort Collins), and Sawatch Backcountry (Leadville).
This guide describes 50 summit hikes in Colorado that take hikers up to peaks from 8,144 to 14,433 feet in elevation, including the Sangre De Cristo, Gore, Sawatch, Indian Peaks, and Maroon Bell wilderness areas, and the Grenadier, Medicine Bow, and Outer San Juan peaks.
McCoy Park Grab a pair of snowshoes and a patch of powder for a lunch overlooking Sawatch Range and New York Mountain.
I was hunting on national forest land in the Sawatch Range near Gunnison, Colorado, an area not known for exceptionally large bulls but for a lot of elk.
The 18-year-old from Aberdeen flies out to Colorado next month to meet his new team-mates at Western State College in the Sawatch Mountains.
This package of sedimentary rocks overlies Precambrian igneous and metamorphic rocks and represents the eastern limb of the Sawatch Anticline, which dips into the South Park Basin.
Mostly novice to intermediate terrain on two sides of the mountain, with incredible views of the Sawatch Range, Colorado's loftiest peaks.
The all-day Ultimate Snow-shoe Tour includes a lunch stop at a heated high-mountain yurt or, on warmer days, at Discovery Overlook, where you'll get a stellar view of New York Mountain and the mighty Sawatch Range.