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n. Islam
1. Used as a title and form of address for a male dignitary.
2. Used as a title for a descendant of the family of Muhammad.

[Arabic, from sāda, to become chief; see swd in Semitic roots.]


(ˈsaɪɪd) or




1. (Islam) a Muslim claiming descent from Mohammed's grandson Husain
2. (Islam) a Muslim honorary title
[C17: from Arabic: lord]


or say•ed or say•id

(ˈsɑ yɪd, ˈseɪ ɪd)

1. a supposed descendant of Muhammad through his grandson Hussein.
2. an Islamic title of respect, esp. for royal personages.
[1780–90; < Arabic: lord]
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Mouloud Sayad et Rabah Zakaria, etudiants en journalisme et publicite, ont couvert, mercredi dernier, les differentes activites programmees au 20e Sila.
Sayad Naveed, (Washington, USA), Dr Shaheer Khan, (Northern California, USA), Dr Masood Akhter, (Winsconsin, USA), Dr Muhammed Ahmed Badshah, (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Syed Ali Rizvi, (Boston, USA), Syed Perwaiz Jafri, (Houston, USA), Suhail Ahmed, (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Syed Qutub-ur-Rehman, (Dubai, UAE), Mohammed Ali Akbar Khan, (Bahrain), Fasihuddin Khan (Australia), Dr Zargham Zia, (Birmingham, UK), Khursheed Hasan, London, UK), Dr Muhammed Mansoob Khan (Brunei), Ehtesham Rizvi (Canada), Akhlaq Khan (Qatar), Aley Ali (Australia) and Abdul Aleem (Sharjah, UAE).
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However, he added that the security personnel are consolidating their positions in the neighboring Sozma Qala and Sayad districts.
But deputy police chief, Syd Abdul Qadir Sayad, said the bodies of 20 rebels killed in the operation were still lying at the site.
We have managed to get one excavator into the area, but digging looks helpless," Sayad said.
Colonel Abdul Qadeer Sayad, a deputy police chief, said: "Five hundred people are believed to be dead.
We have managed to get one excavator into the area, but digging looks helpless," Colonel Abdul Qadeer Sayad, a deputy police chief of Badakhshan, told Reuters.
Two female detainees are from occupied Jerusalem including Shereen Issawi and Intissar Sayad.
Three kidney bean cultivars Sayad, Akhtar and Goli were obtained from Seeds and Plant Improvement Institute (SPII) housed at Karaj, Iran and used throughout this work.
THE Special Investigation Unit (SIU) yesterday questioned Al Wefaq National Islamic Society's liberties and human rights department head Sayad Hadi Al Mosawi in connection with statistics released on alleged torture and ill-treatment.
C'est ma premiere experience dans ce genre, mais avec mes collegues Aziz Sdallah, khadija Assad, Aziz Dadas, Dounia Boutazout , Nisrine Erradi , Hafida et les deux grands artistes et comediens Omar Sayad et Safiya Ziyani, ma mission a ete plus simple.