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abbr. Latin
Scientiae Magister (Master of Science)


(in Britain) abbreviation for
1. (Medicine) State Certified Midwife
2. (Anglicanism) Student Christian Movement


Master of Science. [< L Scientiae Magister]
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Another key factor that is aiding the SCM market is the growing demand for SCM from SMEs.
Mercer s Investment business has achieved excellent revenue growth and SCM gives us an opportunity to build upon our outstanding global reputation, said Julio A.
Under the terms of the agreement, SCM will redeem half of MHI's shares in SCM.
In addition, SCM may not apply to a specific list of excluded services.
To accommodate development teams and users developing products for markets outside North America and Western Europe, Surround SCM 4.
The benefits of SCM and WCM solutions that can integrate seamlessly are many.
The ISM Glossary of Key Purchasing and Supply Terms (2000) defines SCM as "the identification and management of specific supply chains that are critical to a purchasing organization's operations.
The recent NIST National Research Council panel recognized that the inverse solution of SCM data could potentially overcome one of the key roadblocks expressed in the ITRS.
Effective SCM plays a role within organizations that are willing to break down functional silos and eliminate time through speed and process innovation.
We maintain that SCM--a true value-added process--is most effective when it is championed by both the CEO and a senior-level officer specifically designated to monitor SCM execution.
SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an on-demand deployment of SCM software as Web-based service.