Scarlet ibis

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He also mentioned about the local wildlife which includes flamingos, lemurs, scarlet ibis, and other species, praying they are not damaged during the upcoming hurricane.
A scarlet ibis got further the week before, flying away from the zoo.
There is a scarlet ibis, a sloth and four baboons also gone.
To evaluate TEG in healthy individuals of 6 avian species, we modified existing mammalian TEG protocols to allow analysis of citrated, avian whole-blood samples collected from scarlet ibis (Eudocimus ruber) (n = 13), American flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) (n = 13), helmeted Guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) (n= 12), Amazon parrots (Amazona species) (n = 9), Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus humboldti) (n = 6), and domestic chickens (n = 16).
Personally, I've overcome the MacDowell stutter: In January, The Scarlet Ibis, an opera I wrote with composer Stefan Weisman, opened at the New York City performance space HERE as the main event in the PROTOTYPE festival, greeted by sold-out houses and great reviews (bless those critics' hearts
Facing these arrows, at the center ot the room, stood the giant red head of a scarlet ibis, composed of a photograph taken from the Web that Novitskova had enlarged and then printed on an aluminum sheet, which she positioned on a hillock of clay pellets and pebbles.
watch giant turtles laying their eggs, picture- making of the scarlet ibis, the playful mot- mots and other unique birds.
Newfangled is the second foal of French 1m winner Scarlet Ibis [by Machiavellian], a daughter of 1m2f Italian Group 1 winner Flagbird [by Nureyev].
the scarlet ibis being hunted almost to extinction for their red feathers).
His speech teacher, though, notices him when he makes two girls cry in class with his oral interpretation of a tear-jerking short story called "The Scarlet Ibis.
The hand beaded ball gown had Trinidad and Tobago's national birds, a scarlet ibis, cocrio and chaconia stitched on to it.