Lily beetle

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(Zool.) a European beetle (Crioceris merdigera) which feeds upon the white lily.

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And keep an eye for scarlet lily beetle - remove by hand.
The dreaded Scarlet Lily Beetle (Lilioceris lilii) discovered her lily collection and it has re-appeared this year, causing devastation.
Scarlet lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii) has become a serious problem for those who grow lilies and fritillaries in this country.
Inspect lilies for the scarlet lily beetle whose larvae can strip plants in days.
This problem has got worse in recent years, as the global market place seems to run out of control and, for our part, is only scantily checked by Her Majesty's Border Agency staff - the result is that sudden oak death, scarlet lily beetle, box blight and many more previously unseen and unheard of problems are now plaguing our gardens, at a time when the quantity and diversity of suitable chemical controls is gradually but inexorably declining.
The RHS, who know about these things, reckon Herefordshire is now the only English county south of Yorkshire to remain free of the plant-chomping scarlet lily beetle.
In the late 1980's, just as two totally diverse factors came together, the Scarlet Lily Beetle started its slow and predictable march northwards.
At the same time, the populations of accidentally or purposely imported foreign creatures seems to be on the increase - Scarlet Lily Beetle, Crimson Longhorn Beetle, Vine Weevil to name but a few.
EXPERT TIP: Crown imperials can be stripped by scarlet lily beetle, so protect them by spraying early with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer.
ATHIS sounds like the scarlet lily beetle, a pest whose both adult and grub stages eat lilies like there is no tomorrow.