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(French skɑrɔ̃)
(Biography) Paul (pɔl). 1610–60, French comic dramatist and novelist, noted particularly for his picaresque novel Le Roman comique (1651–57)



Paul, 1610–60, French writer.
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We intend to visit the Abbe Scarron, for whom I have a letter of introduction and at whose house I expect to meet some of my friends.
riconosce che nei romanzi barocchi l'inizio in medias res favorisce ed esige l'uso dell'analessi per una migliore comprensione del racconto principale; inoltre, afferma che nei casi in cui i racconti siano eterodiegetici, quelli secondari in Scarron sono in realta traduzioni di nouvelles spagnole.
21) The authors in this list also overlap with authors in the St Mary's group, for example, Le Sage and Scarron are listed in the 'French' category.