n.1.A giddy or thoughtless person; one incapable of concentration or attention.
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He added: "Boris comes across as a scatter-brain, but my advice for Dave is never underestimate Boris.
Lived up to his scatter-brain reputation when he was caught in no-man's land for Pompey's opener.
SHE may have arrived at the village as a fluffy, blond scatter-brain, but Nicola has developed a devious nature.
Mr Morgan believes Wales, in other words, is a stage built for him to impress us all with his quick-fire, scatter-brain, wit and bits of wisdom.
Asked why he had picked the shop's name Norman added: "Fliberty Jibet comes about because Pauline was always known as a scatter-brain and one day someone called her a flibbertigibbet .
Largely by our own choice, we're all a bunch of scatter-brains.