(shēk or shāk)
n.1.See Sheik.
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The Sultan lost no time in declaring the object of his visit, and leading the chief of the dervishes aside, he said to him, "Noble scheik, you have guessed perhaps what I have come to ask you?
Lorsqu'un marabout devient un savant connu, generalement dans le monde theologique et / ou litteraire / scientifique, celui-ci peut fonder une branche de la confrerie, recevant le titre de << scheik >>.
Immediatement apres cette categorie, ce sont les << scheiks >> locaux qui suivent, les individus qui se trouvent dans un stade socioreligieux intermediaire, choisis par les leaders religieux pour leur haut niveau de connaissances, les qualites morales et le niveau de soumission face a la confrerie.
Segundo Anschuetz, Wilshusen e Scheik (2001), a Arqueologia da Paisagem passa cada vez mais a considerar paisagens historicamente documentadas de forma mais holistica, incluindo a mudanca na organizacao do assentamento, a demografia e as relacoes sociopoliticas.
Anschuetz, Kart; Richard Wilshusen y Cherie Scheik 2001 "An Archaeology of Landscape: Perspectives and Directions", Journal of Archaeological Research 9(2): 157-211.
Scheik 2001 An archaeology of landscapes: perspectives and directions.
The arrival of Leon van Scheik as professor at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) reinforced the tendency, which is not confined to the profession, but infects the whole of society and its attitude to architecture.
At best, as William Scheik has shown in his study of the half-blood as cultural symbol in nineteenth-century America, half-blood status might have elicited ambivalence from a society characterized by "unreceptiveness to the assimilation of alien individuals.
Having stated that "In `A Mesmeric Revelation' Poe gives a Newtonic [sic] account of how the eye sees," Scheik then quotes the account, to the effect that "a luminous body imparts vibration to the luminiferous ether" (p.
The 23,000 square foot club operates under the name Scheiks Palace Royale, and is located in a prime downtown location, blocks away from the Metrodome Stadium.
The proceeds of the recent private placement will fund this acquisition, the previously announced Scheiks Gentlemen's Club in Minneapolis, and one more major acquisition by the end 2007," stated Troy Lowrie, CEO and Chairman of VCG.