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Metamorphic rocks show variable schistosity with westward dips and some local folds.
From east to west, rocks appear in the area as follows: The eastern rocks correspond to greenschists, which have a well-developed schistosity [S.
Optical Tele-viewer Images (OTI) from both boreholes will also be utilized to determine variations of dips and their azimuth with depths for all disturbances (fractures, faults, schistosity, dykes etc.
These flakes commonly form composite shredded lenses elongate along the schistosity.
Rocks display cleavage, schistosity and small-scale folds, most of which have northwesterly trending axes (Lynch 1990).
8), since the conductive minerals that are oriented according to the schistosity plane offer targets to the radar wave reflection.
Peak-metamorphic porphyroblasts overgrow the main regional schistosity (S1) and the welldeveloped, gently southwest-plunging stretching lineation (Li) throughout the area.
At the periphery of this replacement body, thin lenses of relatively massive pyrite are parallel to schistosity in the gabbro.
Over 25 occurences of visible gold were noted in quartz veining sub parallel to the schistosity in drill hole 3194-15 suggesting the existence of north-south fractures containing visible gold.
Structurally, the Nancy Head Formation is affected by a single, well-defined, steeply dipping and northeast-trending schistosity with locally developed, steeply plunging mineral and clast lineations.
Rhyolite (quartz-feldspar porphyry) sills, conformable with schistosity, have intruded the Lower and Upper Schist units and perhaps the Central Quartzite Unit, as well.