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Noun1.Schizaea - type genus of the Schizaeaceae cosmopolitan especially in tropicsSchizaea - type genus of the Schizaeaceae cosmopolitan especially in tropics; small leptosporangiate ferns: curly grass fern
family Schizaeaceae, Schizaeaceae - small family of mainly tropical ferns
curly grass, curly grass fern, Schizaea pusilla - rare small fern of northeastern North America having numerous slender spiraling fronds and forming dense tufts
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
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Anemia wrightii Baker Anemia wrightii Baker Schizaea poeppigiana Sturm Schizaea poeppigiana Sturm Marsileaceae Marsilea nashii Underw.
Previous studies showed that gametophytes of different genera as: Pteridium, Histiopteris, Todea, Cyathea, Asplenium, Blechnum and Schizaea pusilla grown in natural environments were colonized by arbuscular mycorrhiza when they were found in places where nutrients were unavailable (Cooper 1976, Swatzell et al.