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 (skĭ-zŏj′ə-nəs, skĭt-sŏj′-)
1. Relating to or characterized by schizogenesis.
2. Relating to or characterized by schizogony.
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Katharine and her dad worked on an episode of The X Files called Schizogeny, involving an orchard that appears to have murderous powers.
Dengler has found evidence that compound leaves form more by schizogeny or splitting of the whole leaf rather accomplished through programmed cell death rather than by mechanical rupture the tissue (Arunika, 2004).
It is generally believed that there are three ways in which these cavities and ducts can form: 1) by lysigeny, a process involving the autolysis of a mass of mature secretion-filled glandular cells that release the secretion product as they degenerate; 2) by schizogeny, involving the separation of cell walls in the center of a group of glandular cells creating an intercellular space that enlarges greatly during development; 3) by schizolysigeny, a combination of the two processes, where cavities initiate schizogenously but further increase in size with autolysis of the glandular cells.