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n.1.A scholium.
A judgment which follows immediately from another is sometimes called a corollary, or consectary . . . One which illustrates the science where it appears, but is not an integral part of it, is a scholion.
- Abp. Thomson (Laws of Thought).
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Hereunto have I added a certain Gloss or scholion for the exposition of old words & harder phrases: which manner of glossing and commenting, well I wote, will seem strange & rare in our tongue: yet for so much as I knew many excellent & proper devices both in words and matter would pass in the speedy course of reading, either as unknown, or as not marked, and that in this kind, as in other we might be equal to the learned of other nations, I thought good to take the pains upon me [.
Both the Scholion and al-Basri's work were composed in the familiar question-and-answer style, a "conventional manner of scholarly composition in Nestorian academic circles.
Knowing that Odysseus is safe would shatter Penelope's defining uncertainty and change the entire second half of the epic, as the PQ scholion ad 4.
5) The only other evidence for the myth is found in a scholion on Lycophron's Alexandra (467), Athenaeus (2.
Ancient Homeric criticism was also cognizant of this feature of Homer's style, summing it up in the phrase paraleipein kai husteron phrazein "to leave out and discuss later," found in a Scholion to Il.
petit tractatus periegeta taccuino scholion al <<de tanautologia hominis>>" Quaderno 2 (marzo-aprile 1962): 12.
The topics include the Adamic creation tradition in the 17th Demonstration of Aphrahat, the exegesis of Exodus by Ephrem the Syrian, the Book of Revelation in Orthodox lectionary traditions, Ezekiel's temple and Mary's virginity as illustrations of a peculiar strand in Eastern Orthodox interpretations of Old Testament sanctuary motifs, ascetic exegesis in Shenoute's Abraham Our Father, and a medieval Armenian Scholion on the Catholic epistles.
Amos Goldberg is a fellow at the Scholion Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and a member of the Children of Abraham peace organization.
And, for those students who want to challenge their skills or take a peek at what Latin studies at the university level might look like, the book offers a few heftier papers (such as the one about a rediscovered letter of Philip Rubens or about a scholion of Kant's which counters Leibniz's thinking).
che poi Montaigne recepisce (Apologie a Raimond Sebond 2, 12), che piu tardi il Mai riporta, nella sua edizione (1822) nello Scholion al libro terzo del de re publica ciceroniano, edizione commentata, subito appena uscita, dalle note filologiche del Leopardi.
103) If this belief hangs by any ancient evidence, it is the thin thread of a scholion to Aristo-phanes, Aves 997 (Philochoros of Athens, FGrH 328 F122), a text in which the generally reliable Philochoros is introduced to test claims of earlier writers, but a text that is still difficult to read and suspect by any reading: