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 (shrō′dĭng-ər, shrā′-, shrœ′-), Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander 1887-1961.
Austrian physicist. He shared a 1933 Nobel Prize for developing the theory of quantum wave mechanics.


(German ˈʃrøːdɪŋər)
(Biography) Erwin (ˈɛrviːn). 1887–1961, Austrian physicist, who discovered the wave equation: shared the Nobel prize for physics 1933


(ˈʃroʊ dɪŋ ər, ˈʃreɪ-)

Erwin, 1887–1961, Austrian physicist.
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Noun1.Schrodinger - Austrian physicist who discovered the wave equation (1887-1961)
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He says that Schrodinger was most prolific in his work during his affairs, "one reason why this aspect of Schrodinger's private life cannot be ignored, even in a scientific biography.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-May 6, 2013-BT For Life Sciences cloud services propel Schrodinger researchers(C)1994-2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
today announced that the two companies are now working together to accelerate the process of drug discovery and development using the BT for Life Sciences cloud platform and Schrodinger s powerful scientific software applications.
IRWIN SCHRODINGER used his cat to explain a peculiar fact of quantum physics known as the "superposition of states.
Hioe, Periodic solitary waves for two coupled nonlinear Klein-Gordon and Schrodinger equations, J.
Este planteamiento epistemologico de Pauling viene a coincidir con el de Schrodinger, para quien la pregunta a la que ha de responder la ciencia vendria a ser: "?
Schrodinger discovered for himself that Democritus of Abdera already understood this state of affairs in the fifth century BC, prior to the advent of the sophisticated instrumentations of today.
In this work, we study the initial value Schrodinger equation with exponential growth nonlinearity
Many of the physical and chemical phenomena surrounding us today are governed by an equation called the Schrodinger equation (Figure 2).
In this study, the nonlinear Schrodinger (NLS) equation (see below) is chosen as a prototype of the underlying evolution equation, posed on simple networks.
The non-linear Schrodinger (NLS) equation arises as the envelope of a dispersive wave system which is almost monochromic and weakly nonlinear.