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 (shə-wär′mə) also shwar·ma (shwär′-)
Meat, especially beef, chicken, or lamb, that is marinated, roasted slowly on a spit, and cut in thin slices, often wrapped in pita bread and served with various vegetables and tahini sauce.

[Arabic šāwurma, šāwirma, from Turkish çevirme, a turn (as on a spit), meat roasted on a spit, from verbal n. of çevirmek, to turn, from Old Turkic çevürmek, perhaps alteration of earlier tevirmek.]
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For the Israel-obsessed, culinary fascinations tend to hover around hummus, falafel, schwarma, and bamba.
In a Schwarma Republic either the army massacres the mob or overthrows the ruler.
The source of the poisoning was said to be an Arabrun schwarma fast food outlet.
Wonderful half rotisserie chicken or beef or tri-tip schwarma plates are $8.
The lemon chicken and gyros plates are popular, as are chicken schwarma in fresh lafsa bread that is baked on the premises.
In an effort to stimulate Sharon's senses, a compact disc featuring Mozart was being played, and Sharon's favorite food, schwarma, a slow-roasted meat, was also brought into his room on Dec 10.
In addition to good homemade hummus, Natalie's features schwarma and Israeli and Mediterranean salads such as mambuchta, one of my favorites, with tomatoes cooked down to perfection.
Israeli flags of all sizes flapped freely throughout the park, where the scent of spicy schwarma and falafels and the sounds of seductive Middle Eastern and klezmer music oozed from every corner.
Songs sung in Hebrew and Yiddish filled a glade redolent of smoky kebabs, spicy falafel and schwarma.
In celebration of Israel's 53rd independence day, thousands noshed on falafel and schwarma, while a performance stage featured a continuous cavalcade of Israeli pop songs and folk dancing.
The first day out of Manama, Bahrain, found our stomachs still full of Schwarmas and pita bread.