Scourge of God

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Noun1.Scourge of God - king of the HunsScourge of God - king of the Huns; the most successful barbarian invader of the Roman Empire (406-453)
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No Gothic scourge of God, no Vandal pest of nations, no fabled fugitive from the flames of Troy, no bastard Norman tyrant, appears among the list of worthies who first landed on the rock, which your veneration has preserved as a lasting monument of their achievement.
Historically, he was best remembered for having persuaded Attila the Hun, known as "The Scourge of God," not to attack Rome in the year 452.
Despite its limitations, The Scourge of God has much to recommend it, especially to students of Mesopotamian literature.
Villains, these terrors and these tyrannies-- If tyrannies war's justice ye repute-- I execute, enjoined me from above, To scourge the pride of such as heaven abhors; Nor am I made arch-monarch of the world, Crowned and invested by the hand of Jove, For deeds of bounty or nobility; But since I exercise a greater name, The scourge of God and terror of the world, I must apply myself to fit those terms, In war, in blood, in death, in cruelty, And plague such peasants as resist in me The power of heaven's eternal majesty.
Right through both parts of the play, he is stood as a scourge of God.
Marlowe's drama reproduces Lucan's world as one in which there is a divine presence but only in the form of a self-declared scourge of God, Tamburlaine, who sees his role in the context of bringing hell to earth, thus reproducing the horrors of Book I of Lucan's epic.