Hand screw

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a small jack for raising heavy timbers or weights
(Carp.) a screw clamp.

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Other products on display include: a wide selection of standard and application focused Modular Terminal Blocks featuring Screw clamp, Tension clamp and Push in connection technologies; PLC Interface Solutions; Gigabit Industrial Security Router; The ACT20P Pro DCDC II Analogue Signal Convertor; TERMSERIES relay and solid state relay products.
But with hanger screws driven into a hand screw clamp, it's easy.
Screw clamp terminals and screw on mounting to the chassis.
Electronics are not required for installation, which has been simplified by the use of spring or screw clamp terminal fittings.
Most are designed based on spring tension, elastic tension, or some variation of a screw clamp.
The manufacturers could now use much harder string as his method meant that instead of bending the string around a peg, they should hold the ends of the strings in a screw clamp, the jaws of which are made slightly conical.
The EFR-1 is housed in a Single Module Din Rail Housing complete with integral test button and screw clamp terminals to simplify connections.
These feature self-locking screw clamp connection technology for a maintenance-free and vibration-proof connection.
The systems offers a different approach to clamping that combines the security of a screw clamp and the speed of a cam action clamp into a single device.
An optional indication lamp is offered on either a screw clamp or a spring cage terminal block for optically signaling a tripped circuit.
A screw clamp termination is available for the 3+PE versions and a screw clamp, solder or crimp termination are available for the 6+PE versions.