Screw worm

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(Zool.) the larva of an American fly (Compsomyia macellaria), allied to the blowflies, which sometimes deposits its eggs in the nostrils, or about wounds, in man and other animals, with fatal results.

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According to records at the Ministry of Agriculture, there were only two registered cases of human screw worm infections in 2014 resulting from domestic sheep, which were found in Hodeida governorate.
First urological presentation of New World screw worm (Cochliomyia hominivorax) myiasis in the UK.
The United States has used SIT to wipe out the cow-eating New World Screw Worm Fly across much of Central America.
As Fortey introduces us to our painstakingly catalogued ancestors--many of which have yet to be named--he introduces us to an equally eccentric cast of scientists: an expert on belemnites (the fossils of squid-like creatures), a botany curator who courted prostitutes, an expert on parasitic screw worms who prevented their spread across Africa, a fish expert who discovered a lost Mozart manuscript.