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scuba diving

The use of scuba gear when swimming underwater, as for recreation or research.

scu′ba-dive′ v.
scuba diver n.


v.i. -dived -dove, -dived, -div•ing.
to dive underwater through use of a scuba.
scu′ba div′er, n.
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But belying the cresting wave tops dancing in a full breeze lurks a killer that snuffed out the life of a holidaying Indian woman taking her very first scuba-diving lesson last Thursday.
The Economic Value of SCUBA-Diving Use of Natural and Artificial Reef Habitats, Social Nature Resource, 21 : 455-468.
The prosecutor said Van Milt, Roderick Van Doesburg and Darryl-Jay Van Doesburg all had scuba-diving experience and planned to access the drugs in the ship from the outside.
THE body of Elaine Morrow, the 23-year-old backpacker who died while scuba-diving in Australia more than two weeks ago, is on its way home to Ireland.
Sergey gets Boniface into his doggy scuba-diving gear to go for a dip
We've all lived with Danyel's health issues and scuba-diving together was a real release and we all felt that we could move on.
When the scuba-diving office worker hears that mysterious sucking noise, he doesn't have time even to turn around.
Tourism Minister Elie Marouni, from Zahle, arrived on the scene along with a scuba-diving team and Civil Defense personnel to search for Btaish.
There's scuba-diving a 10-minute drive away at Lyme Regis.
soldiers and marines severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime scuba-diving trip during which they became certified scuba divers.