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 (skŭp′ər-nông′, -nŏng′)
1. See muscadine.
a. A cultivated variety of the muscadine grape with sweet yellowish fruit.
b. A wine made from this grape.

[After the Scuppernong River in northeast North Carolina.]


1. (Brewing) a sweet American wine, slightly golden, made from a variety of muscadine grape
2. (Plants) another name for muscadine, the variety from which this wine is made
[C19: named after Scuppernong River in North Carolina where the grape grows]


(ˈskʌp ərˌnɔŋ, -ˌnɒŋ)

a silvery amber-green variety of muscadine grape.
[1805–15, Amer.; short for scuppernong grape, after a river in North Carolina]
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Noun1.scuppernong - amber-green muscadine grape of southeastern United States
bullace grape, muscadine - dull-purple grape of southern United States
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The fourth, Paul Garrett, had his start in North Carolina, where his fortified wines based on the Scuppernong grape led to the creation of a winemaking empire that produced millions of gallons of wine in the South, New York state and California.
Organic acid and sugar contents of Scuppernong grapes during ripening.
com has almost a dozen varieties to choose from, as well as some of the related scuppernong grapes.