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 (sĭth′ē-ə, sĭth′-)
An ancient region of Eurasia extending from the mouth of the Danube River on the Black Sea to the territory east of the Aral Sea. The nomadic people of the region flourished from the eighth to the fourth century bc but were conquered by the Sarmatians in the second century and were soon subsumed into other cultures.


(Placename) an ancient region of SE Europe and Asia, north of the Black Sea: now part of Ukraine


(ˈsɪθ i ə)

the ancient name of a region in SE Europe and Asia, between the Black and Aral seas.
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Noun1.Scythia - an ancient area of Eurasia extending from the Black Sea to the Aral Sea that was populated by Scythians from the eighth to the fourth century BC
Eurasia - the land mass formed by the continents of Europe and Asia


nSkythien nt
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Here, too, when they came, they found the Huns, whose warlike fury had swept the earth like a living flame, till the dying peoples held that in their veins ran the blood of those old witches, who, expelled from Scythia had mated with the devils in the desert.
Seeing, on the other side, some Cossacks (les Cosaques) and the wide-spreading steppes in the midst of which lay the holy city of Moscow (Moscou, la ville sainte), the capital of a realm such as the Scythia into which Alexander the Great had marched- Napoleon unexpectedly, and contrary alike to strategic and diplomatic considerations, ordered an advance, and the next day his army began to cross the Niemen.
Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia 11: 133-65.
2 Scythia, Amazon Homeland, she identifies the historical region, context and geographical boundaries of the Amazon society.
The one convoy we did escort to Russia, together with an escort carrier and several destroyers, consisted of two fast liners, RMS Empress of Australia and SS Scythia which, between them, carried over 10,000 Russians who had been captured in France working for or as forced labour for the Germans.
Joan sent off to New York for the death certificate, which showed William was employed by Cunard on its liner RMS Scythia - which sailed the Liverpool to New York and Boston route - and that the company had authorised his funeral.
They had a smooth crossing on the SS Scythia with plenty of good food to prepare them for their new life in Canada.
Included are bass-baritone Laurent Alvaro as Thoas, King of Scythia, soprano Salome Haller as Diana (she takes on the same role in the earlier opera) and most notably, Quebec baritone Jean-Francois Lapointe as Orestes and French tenor Yann Beuron as Pylades.
He was tricked in to creating a tiara by crooks - who then conned experts at the home of art at the Louvre in Paris that it was a priceless masterpiece from ancient Scythia.
65) The exchange ends with Toxaris telling Mnesippus to visit him whenever he happens to be passing by Scythia, an offer to which Mnesippus responds, 'Mark my words, I wouldn't hesitate to go even further if I thought I would meet such friends as you, Toxaris, have shown yourself to be through your tales.
This territory formed part of ancient Scythia [which was the old name for the country].
Irish histories from the fifth to eighth centuries begin with origins stories in Scythia (5), and the conceptions of both Ireland and Asian nations as cultural "borderlands" carried down into nineteenth century representations of colonized peoples in both areas as alterior and barbaric (56).