Sea apple

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Sea´ ap´ple

1.(Bot.) The fruit of a West Indian palm (Manicaria Plukenetii), often found floating in the sea.
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Nothing grows in the flat, burning desert around it but weeds and the Dead Sea apple the poets say is beautiful to the eye, but crumbles to ashes and dust when you break it.
In addition to UK's Suede, The Flaming Lips, Gus Gus, Thievery Corporation and Sayag Jazz Machine, artists scheduled to appear at this time include: Alternative: Apparat Organ Quartet, Kanada, Traktor, Magga Stina; Rock: 200,000 Pincers, Brain Police, Dead Sea Apple, Ensimi, Maus, Minus, Silt, Stjornukisi; Dance: Bang Gang, Delphi, Jaguar, Surefni; Pop: Bellatrix, Moa and the Vinylistics, Paul Oscar; Hip-Hop: Quarashi, XXX Rottweiler Hounds.
In addition to the new 6-foot-long zebra sharks and cownose rays, many more creatures have been added throughout the Aquarium including chocolate chip sea stars, blue linkia sea stars, African general stars, sea apples, flying gurnard and juvenile Port Jackson sharks.