Sea clam

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Sea´ clam`

1.(Zool.) Any one of the large bivalve mollusks found on the open seacoast, especially those of the family Mactridæ, as the common American species. (Mactra solidissima or Spisula solidissima); - called also beach clam, and surf clam.
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The barge will supplement or replace an existing barge used by the Town~s Shellflish Department to distribute oyster, sea clam and other types of shell over specific areas of Harbor.
The scoters also love small sea clams and Crane's Beach is Sea Clam City making it the hot spot for scoter shooting.
I suggest there are many entrepreneurs who have paper plans and paper qualifications hoping to cash in from the desperation of impractical politicians who can't separate the wheat from the chaff For instance, what happened to renewables such as the Bristol Cylinder, the Edinburgh Duck, NEL OWC, Sea Clam, Shoreline Gully OWC, Lilly Pad, Lancaster PS Frog and the ART Osprey?
Clearwater Fine Foods of Newfoundland, Canada, has acquired the 45% it didn't already own in one of its subsidiaries, Deep Sea Clam Co.
Both are made from tender cuts of sea clam fillets; the first are coated with hot Buffalo seasoning, the second with crunchy lightly seasoned breading.
CHICKEN OF THE SEA CLAMS in a foil pouch will be in stores at the end of March 2004.
DIGGING FOR TREASURE: Jan Hiddink searches for sea clams as part of his award-winning research programme; Q DELIGHTED: Jan Hiddink
A mile-long stretch off Revere Beach has an attractive explosion of baby sea clams.
Our chopped sea clams, distributed in five-pound bags, solve the problem.
Blount Seafood's product line includes sea clams, ocean quahogs, mussels, calamari, New Zealand littleneck clams, chowders, soups and sauces.