Sea of Okhotsk

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Noun1.Sea of Okhotsk - an arm of the Pacific to the east of Asia
Pacific, Pacific Ocean - the largest ocean in the world
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The island is surrounded by three seas -- the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk, that's why Hokkaido enjoys various special products throughout the year such as marine products harvested at the rich fishing waters.
The Sea of Okhotsk (Zonn & Kostianoy 2009) is a marginal sea on the eastern shelf of the Eurasian continent (Fig.
TOKYO, Aug 23 (KUNA) -- Powerful typhoon Mindulle was downgraded to an extratropical cyclone over the Sea of Okhotsk on Tuesday after killing one person and injuring 62 others in Japan.
In 1H16, 2D and 3D seismic acquisition work began at Albanovsky and Vostochno-Pribrezhny blocks in the Barents Sea and Sea of Okhotsk.
In particular, the two were interested in development of the Koryakia-1, Koryakia-2 and Magadan-1, Magadan-2 and Magadan-3 areas under the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea.
A Bering Sea B White Sea C Beaufort Sea D Sea of Okhotsk QUESTION 9 - for 9 points: In which UK city is there a hill called Arthur's Seat?
As global temperatures warm, "we could see reduced sea ice formation in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Arctic," says Ravelo.
The Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Tasman Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, the Yellow Sea, the North Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Biscay, Lake Superior, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Gulf of Bothnia: Seascapes (Damiani) collects a Rothko-like series of images of these and other bodies of water, all captured by Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto.
The Kuril Islands, located in the Sea of Okhotsk, have long been subject to a dispute between Russia and Japan since the sides failed to sign a permanent peace treaty following the end of World War II.
The Mil Mi-8 copter with 13 passengers and three crew members on board fell in the Sea of Okhotsk on Saturday afternoon, an official with the Russian emergencies ministry said.
Moscow, Shawwal 30, 1436, Aug 15, 2015, SPA -- A helicopter crashed on Saturday in Russia's eastern Sea of Okhotsk, killing at least six people, emergency officials said.