sea wolf

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Noun1.Sea wolf - predatory black-and-white toothed whale with large dorsal finsea wolf - predatory black-and-white toothed whale with large dorsal fin; common in cold seas
dolphin - any of various small toothed whales with a beaklike snout; larger than porpoises
genus Orcinus, Orcinus - killer whales
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You weren't the Sea Wolf," Whiskers broke in with involuntary positiveness.
Esquimalt Drydock in Victoria will be working on the Northern Sea Wolf.
Ger Lyons has a terrific record with his recruits from Britain - Sea Wolf chief among them - and Inscribe looks just the type on whom he can work his magic.
The Sea Ceptor system, which utilizes MBDA's next-generation Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM), is being fitted to replace the Sea Wolf weapon system on the Type 23 frigates as part of their life-extension program, MBDA noted.
Last year, he went up 4lb for his Galway win and finished fifth to Sea Wolf in the Cambridgeshire, when the drier ground found him out.
The Caribbean monk seal, which was also known as a sea wolf or a West Indian monk seal, was a social creature about 8 feet long and could weight up to 600 pounds, according to the U.
But the yard looks to have a stronger contender in the English import Sea Wolf.
TALLINN -- The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is analysing Sea Wolf Express' plan to launch passenger carriage on the Tallinn-Helsinki route in autumn using a Russian ground effect vehicle called the ekranoplan.
They undergo a supernatural transformation that turns one into a Sea Wolf and the other into a Timber Wolf.
THE ONLY prez that was happy to go under the knife in a Cypriot medical establishment was the late sea wolf Glafcos Clerides even though he used a private clinic.
I ripped through The Sea Wolf and passed it to Mark he devoured it and we tried to live its strength.
Walker's 13-year-old daughter came along on their first outing on the Sea Wolf on Loch Tay in March and stood screaming during the attack.