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Noun1.Seanad - the upper house of the parliament of the Irish Republic
house - an official assembly having legislative powers; "a bicameral legislature has two houses"
Oireachtas - the parliament of the Irish Republic
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Only members of the Dail and Seanad were allowed to vote in the by-election.
The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign today congratulated Seanad Eireann on passing a motion which calls on the Irish Government to formally recognise the State of Palestine.
He claimed the Taoiseach continues to leave gaping holes in his story over the Government's botched handling of the John McNulty Seanad nomination.
The Labour candidate from West Belfast received the highest ever winning margin in a Seanad vote.
UNDER-FIRE Arts Minister Heather Humphreys refused to answer questions on the Seanad saga yesterday.
A SENATOR who suffered serious head injuries has resigned from the Seanad.
So the sitting days, it's an easy target for politicians to say you're sitting less but, in my view, we have done the work that the Seanad was intended for us to do this year in a very effective manner.
by SARAH SLATER SENATOR Jimmy Harte has been a member of Seanad Eireann since April 2011.
THE Government could be forced to delay water bills again if the Seanad rejects the latest charges plan.
GRADUATES will be given a say in the election of the Seanad.
The calls come after their Seanad Energy spokesman John Whelan said Ireland should consider developing the energy source, in the wake of Britain's Hinkley Point development.