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 (shăn′ə-kē) also sen·na·chie (sĕn′-)
n. Chiefly Scots
A skilled teller of tales or legends, especially Gaelic ones.

[Scots Gaelic seanachaidh, from Old Irish senchaid, variant of senchae, historian, from sen, old; see sen- in Indo-European roots.]


another name for seannachie
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18) The story of Labhras and Roise is told retrospectively by the local seanchai [storyteller], who provides an omniscient version of the story, and places herself as a peripheral character within it.
Seanchai Eddie Lenihan guests to share stories of the misfortune that has befallen people who have tampered with property associated with mythical fairies.
Two months ago, Jenny and Irish arts collective Seanchai Nua put on a 'new wave'' unamplified Irish session in the London Irish Centre.
Last month Jenny and Irish arts collective Seanchai Nua put on a 'new wave' unamplified Irish session in the London Irish Centre.
Erskine Nicol, for instance, who painted two pictures in the collection, The Seanchai and The Tenant, was a Scot; Maria Spilsbury Taylor, who painted the 1825-30 portrait of the Irish patriot and orator Henry Grattan MP that hangs above Mr Bums's desk--'Ireland's most famous lawyer', he tells me--was English.
Ben became the nation's seanchai at a time when traditional storytellers, those inheritors and guardians of local songs and lore, had already vanished from many a depopulated countryside.
We have a script in development called Lives with my company Seanchai Films.
Several scholars have noted the significance of Faith Healer's structure, including the playwright who attributes the multiple story lines as descended from Irish oral tradition practiced by seanchai, a "travelling storyteller" (qtd.
In Gaelic, she's the organizations' seanchai, or lorekeeper, and its gannas, or ambassador.
In a pervasive search for sources, evident in the 116 pages of notes and bibliography, Marianne Elliott has combed not just the stock in trade materials of the conventional historian but uses reports, tape recordings, folklore, poetry, including bardic verse, now a fashionable source for the Irish historian, fiction, parish histories, local magazines and interviews with seanchai (of both sexes).
After everything I've stood for, it now appears to my compatriots and my fans that Seanchai has sold out," he said.
The festival will close on August 22 with Free at Free Derry, another free event held at Free Derry corner which is this year headlined by New York hip-hop folksters Seanchai.