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search engine optimization


search engine optimisation

(Computer Science) computing the process of adjusting the content, structure, etc, of a website so that it will be displayed prominently by a search engine
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com)-- Calashock Marketing, the London based Search Engine Optimisation agency, was today ranked as 4th best SEO Agency in the UK for ecommerce Search Marketing.
On its service, Luigi Moccia added: "Calashock has developed a very ethical search engine optimisation service, offering both on-page optimisation such as Meta tag optimisation, HTML code optimisation, and content writing, and off-page optimisation, including link baiting by way of blog writing & video creation, and social media.
Online search marketing services provider Zog Media, in partnership with social media PR firm PitchEngine, announced today the launch of a platform that integrates social media with search engine optimisation.
According to ITS, expert search engine optimisation is the most overlooked aspect of website development.

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