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Noun1.Sears Tower - a skyscraper built in Chicago in 1974; 1454 feet tall
Chicago, Windy City - largest city in Illinois; a bustling Great Lakes port that extends 26 miles along the southwestern shoreline of Lake Michigan
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Matthew Stacom, the broker who arranged the sale of the development site that would become the Sears Tower to Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Once the upgrades are complete, the Sears Tower should see an 80 percent reduction in energy consumption-enough electricity to power a Chicago neighborhood of 2,500 homes for a year.
The Sears Tower set architectural and engineering standards when it was first built and now we are able to carefully craft new elements that expand the capabilities of the original design while retaining its integrity," said Ross Wimer, design partner, SOM.
Summary: Five men have been found guilty of plotting blow up Chicago's Sears Tower and government buildings.
We were standing on the edge of the Sears Tower, jumping off of it.
The seven allegedly swore allegiance to al-Qaeda, hoping to blitz Sears Tower, in Chicago.
ALMOST 20 YEARS ago, I visited the Sears Tower in Chicago.
Instead, authorities chase anything that fails to pass an arcane sniff test, such as the Florida jokers who had a plan to blow up the Sears Tower -- once they located some bombs and some boots -- and a case in Lodi, where an ice-cream truck driver was accused of being in league with al-Qaida.
They were persons who for whatever reason came to view their home country as the enemy," Gonzales said at a news conference at the Justice Department, where he discussed the purported plot against the Sears Tower in Chicago and a federal building in Miami.
Outlining an alleged plot against the 110-floor Sears Tower in Chicago and a federal building in Miami, he told a Justice Department news conference, 'They were persons who, for whatever reason, came to view their home country as the enemy.
Seven people have been arrested in connection with a plot to blow up Chicago's Sears Tower and other targets, the FBI said.
Further highlights include the John Hancock Building, Sears Tower skydeck, Adler Planetarium, sports arenas and world-class museums.