Second Coming

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Second Coming

n. Christianity
The return of Jesus as judge for the Last Judgment. Also called Advent, Second Advent.

Second Coming

or less commonly

Second Advent

(Theology) the prophesied return of Christ to earth at the Last Judgment

Sec′ond Com′ing

the coming of Christ on Judgment Day.
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Noun1.Second Coming - (Christian theology) the reappearance of Jesus as judge for the Last JudgmentSecond Coming - (Christian theology) the reappearance of Jesus as judge for the Last Judgment
Christian theology - the teachings of Christian churches
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According to Evangelist Nayensuabo, the church was redeemed in 1820 from the United States of America and church slavery to come into Africa to preach repentance, salvation and the second coming of Jesus Christ.
The best way to prepare for Christ's second coming and to prepare for the celebration of Christmas is by cleansing our hearts from sin and darkness.
The second coming in the Jewish tradition is the Day of the Lord when he will come with all his might and power to renew (or cleanse) everything and establish his reign.
His second coming is better but there's a long way to go to be Labour's unlikely Messiah.
The fact that these perceived differences in fact hold some startling similarities is only one component of The Second Coming.
Hot on the release of Rebirth, the second novel in the Novels of The Second Coming series has been released.
50,000 Millerites prepared for the Second Coming, many selling their property and possessions and quirting their jobs in order prepare themselves.
At a 1971 dinner, the future president of the USA, Ronald Reagan, told California Legislator James Mills that "everything is in place for the battle of Armageddon and the Second coming of Christ.
Ahmadi-nejad, on the other hand, often speaks of the second coming as imminent, much to irritation of many clerics.
Unlike tribute bands that have preceded them, the Rosez take pride in replicating the massive grooves of the Second Coming album.
Davies and Eccleston worked together on last year's controversial BBC drama The Second Coming, and the actor was one of the stars of an award-winning modern version of Othello produced by Julie Gardner in 2002.
In truth, however, what Pope John Paul II once dismissed as "millenarian fantasies" distort not only the biblical message but also the traditional Christian understanding of the Second Coming of Christ and the end times.

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