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This place, to which only a chosen few were admitted, looked like a chapel and a second-hand shop, so filled was it with devotional and heterogeneous things.
The legend added that the only person who did not identify them was the Doctor himself, who, when they were shortly afterwards displayed at the door of a little second-hand shop of no very good repute, where such things were taken in exchange for gin, was more than once observed to handle them approvingly, as if admiring some curious novelty in the pattern, and considering them an improvement on his own.
Idris, who recently retired from the Steptoe second-hand shop in Ruthin, decided he wanted to do something to help raise funds for what he said was a very worthy cause.
He was arrested after trying to sell a PS500 stolen xBox at a second-hand shop in Birmingham, and giving staff his real contact details.
A SECOND-HAND shop is set to open four days a week instead of two.
The victim was subjected to the horrifying ordeal all so they could sell his Xbox and mobile phone at a second-hand shop for PS130.
The display would have the event's usual mix of British, continental and USA lay-outs, with trade stands, comprising the N-Gauge Society stand and the second-hand shop, refreshments available and wheelchair facilities.
In Nicosia the picture seems to change depending on the location of a second-hand shop.
Ian Wanless, 57, sold the television at a second-hand shop in Stockton-on-Tees town centre after getting a taxi from his house.
A: We found a sweatshirt in a New York second-hand shop with Franklin & Marshal written on it.
I make ceramics and I sell things in galleries, and I was in Stoke when I saw a Frank Sinatra record in a second-hand shop.
Owner Kerry Renshaw later found them for sale in a local second-hand shop.